General Performance Information

Join us for our Halloween, Christmas, and Spring Performances! More performance information coming soon! See our Gallery for pictures of previous performances!

General Performance Information

Why We Perform

At Motions Dance Studio we love to perform!!!!  We feel that performing is such a wonderful way for self confidence and self esteem to grow!  The students learn the joy of working hard and then receiving a natural and fulfilling reward for their efforts and hard work. There is a wonderful joy and natural high that is felt when performing that teaches students appropriate and healthy ways to find joy in life!  We seek out many Community performance opportunities such as Assisted living facilities, parades, community events, Festival of Trees, etc.  We also hold our Grand Spring Recital every May.  We are also excited to announce that we now have competition teams who will be exploring that exciting part of the dance world!


Performance Participation

All students in performing classes are encouraged and expected to participate in the performances. The students work hard all year long and the performances are the pinnacle point of the season.  The classes learn to work together and rely on each other.  Any student who wishes not to be included in the performances must inform the instructor in written format before they begin to learn the dances that will be performed. All performance fees, costume fees, and tuition must be paid in order to perform. Tuition needs to be current, up through the date of the performance to participate. Students must participate in a predetermined amount of classes leading up to any performance. This may vary by instructor and season. Monthly class totals will include weekly classes and performances. Students must wear their assigned costume in order to be included in any given performance. In the Fall and Spring, performing classes will participate in a wide variety of Community Performances. Dance classes (with the exception of Tiny Combo classes) will culminate with a Grand Spring Recital in May which is held at a local auditorium.  Cheer Classes will end the year with our annual Cheer fest at the Kleiner Park Band Shell.


Performance Year Costs

*At Motions we strive to make the performance costs as affordable as possible for our dance families!  For instance, we rent the costumes out instead of purchasing them for 3-4 times as much as the rental fee.  We also don’t charge admittance at our Grand Spring Recital or Cheer Fest.  We want all children to be able to dance and perform no matter what their financial circumstances are.  So, we make a conscious effort to make all costs associated with the performances as low as possible!

At the beginning of the dance year a Performance Fee and a Costume Rental Fee will be charged to each performing student. Both fees are a one time, yearly fee and are non-refundable.  Below is a description of what each fee is used for.  There are some exceptions to the fees and they are highlighted at the bottom of this page.  The fees will be applied to each dancers account through the Parent Portal and are due by each dancers Halloween performance.

Performance Fee- $25/student:  This fee is for the entire dance year and covers the costs of all the Halloween, Christmas, Spring and Grand Spring Recital performances.  These costs include but are not limited to insurance, music licensing, sound equipment, auditorium rentals, dressing rooms, light equipment, technicians to run the equipment, custodians, decorations, programs, set/stage crew, Grand Spring Recital admission, and all other costs associated with the performances.

Costume Rental Fee:  This fee is $30 for the entire dance year (Sept-May).  It will vary depending on the class and will cover the rental or purchase of each dancers costumes for the dance year.  Most classes will rent three custom-made costumes (totaling $30) throughout the year that will match their dances.  One costume for Christmas and two costumes for the Grand Spring Recital.  Each student is required to provide their own leo, tights, and shoes.  The rest of the costumes and all accessories will be rented from Motions Dance Studio.  Instructors will let their classes know the colors of the leos and tights as performances get closer.

***Fees are adjusted for Spring only Students.


*Tiny Combo classes will only rent one costume for each semester (2 total) and their performance fee is only $5 for the year.

*Cheer classes will be buying their costumes this year.

*Team classes will rent their costumes for $20 per costume x 3 costumes.

*Capoeira Classes will have a different costume fee.

*This page and the information is subject to change without notice.