Weekly Class Expectations

Each week students and parents are expected to:

*Arrive 5 minutes early so class can start on time.

*Please do not drop your child off more than 5 minutes early to class.

*Please pick your child up no later than 5 minutes after the class ends.

*Arrive with student in the proper class attire and ready to begin (see instructor for details).

*Inform the instructor if you cannot make it to your class.

*If a child is not fully potty trained, it is the parents sole responsibility to facilitate those needs.

*If parents wish to view their child’s class, please sit in the designated areas (in the hall or along the back wall).

*Anyone watching a class is asked to be quiet and not disruptive to students or instructors.

*Parents of young children may be asked to assist their child upon the instructors request.

Class Sizes and Waiting List

Class sizes are set at a specific number in order for teachers and students to have an optimal experience. We keep classes small so that the student to teacher ration provided the best learning possible.  Spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Once a class is full, a student may be added to a waiting list. If a students withdraws, their spot is not guaranteed to be saved if you wish to re-enroll later.

Monthly Class Schedules

Class schedules will generally follow the Meridian School District’s schedule. Instructors will let you know if they deviate from this schedule. If an instructor cancels a class due to weather or the instructors personal reasons, then that instructor will reschedule the class for another day.  At that point, it is a parents responsibility to attend the new time and day set by the instructor.  It is anticipated that there will be an average of 4 weeks of classes per month for the entire semester.  Some months have 3 weeks and some have 5.  An Average is taken for all the months in the semester.  Furthermore, near the end of each semester there may be less than 4 weeks due to the amount of time for performances and dress rehearsals.  The added time for performances and extra rehearsals may count as class time and count towards the overall averaged monthly class time.

Make Up Classes

Make up classes are offered if your child misses a class due to illness or other personal reasons. It is the parents responsibility to contact their child’s instructor and Bri to arrange for a makeup class.  This arrangement must be made and agreed upon by the instructor and Bri before the makeup class is attended.  A full months tuition is due even if a class is missed for personal reasons and whether or not a makeup class was attended. Motions Dance Studio does not pro-rate.




Class Observation

As a courtesy to our dance parents and families, we offer you the ability to observe and watch your child’s class.  Many parents LOVE having this option and we LOVE providing it for you!  In order to offer this luxury, we do need ALL family members and friends to help continue the studio atmosphere in the observation area because the windows allow the dancers to see and hear all that is happening in the observation area.  We ask that you respect our guidelines below.  The guidelines are vital in keeping the dance environment one that the students can learn and thrive in.

*Keep your voices and noise level down.

*Keep the walkway open with your items stored beneath your seat.   (Other people need to have a clear path to walk through the hallway).

*When children are old enough to change their own shoes, have them take their shoes into the studio with them.

*Try to keep the door to the studio closed as much as possible.

*Siblings need to play with ANY and ALL toys around the corner in the designated Toy Area.  (Many of the dancers get distracted by siblings playing with toys outside the windows.)

*Siblings MUST be supervised with a parent or adult in the Toy Area with them at all times if they are playing over there.

*Do not let siblings yell, scream, or hit the walls.

*No food or drink is allowed in the studio.  Any food or drink in the observation area must be cleaned up if spilled.

*Clean up after your children in the Toy Area.

*Please clean up after yourselves and leave the Observation area clean after your dancers class.




Registration is completed through the facility of where the class is held.  There are a couple exceptions to this.  Please check each classes designated Class Location and Registration on the CLASS LIST PAGE or the REGISTRATION PAGE.

Motions Dance Studio


Meridian Community Center





Tuition Due

Tuition for the entire month is due by the 1st class of any given month or session. If tuition has not been paid by the first class of the given month or session, students will be required to sit out of class until the tuition has been paid. Tuition may be paid by monthly automatic payments, or by paying for the whole semester at once.  A full months tuition is due even if a class is missed for personal reasons and whether or not a makeup class was attended. Motions Dance Studio does not pro-rate.

Sibling/Enrollment Discount

There is a $5 discount off of the second sibling or class enrolled in within the same month or session.  A third, fourth, etc, sibling or class will receive the same discount.

Scholarship Programs

We believe dancing is for EVERYONE!  Scholarships are available through Meridian’s “Care Enough To Share” Program and through Motion’s “Gift of Dance” Scholarship fund.  Contact Bri for more information.

Non Sufficient Funds

There will be a $35 fee charged for any returned checks or for non sufficient funds when transactions are withdrawn.

Motions Tuition Policies

*If tuition payments have not been set up by the second class of the semester then the students will be asked to sit out of class and will not be allowed to participate.  

*A late fee of $5 will be added to all Over Due accounts on the 15th of each month.  

*In order for a student to participate in any Community Performances (Halloween, Christmas, spring) or the Grand Spring Recital, then all costume fees, recital fees and ALL monthly tuitions fees through the current date must be paid in full.  

*Tuition is due for the entire month even if the student misses some classes.  

*If the student is withdrawing from the class, then you must inform Bri and your child’s instructor before the beginning of the month you wish to withdraw from.  If you do not inform Bri and the instructor before the beginning of that month, then tuition for that month is still due. 








Performance Participation

All students in performing classes are encouraged and expected to participate in the performances. The students work hard all year long and the performances are the pinnacle point of the season.  The classes learn to work together and rely on each other.  Any student who wishes not to be included in the performances must inform the instructor in written format before they begin to learn the dances that will be performed. All performance fees, costume fees, and tuition must be paid in order to perform. Tuition needs to be current, up through the date of the performance to participate. Students must participate in a predetermined amount of classes leading up to any performance. This may vary by instructor and season. Monthly class totals will include weekly classes and performances. Students must wear their assigned costume in order to be included in any given performance. In the Fall and Spring, performing classes will participate in a wide variety of Community Performances. Dance classes (with the exception of Tiny Combo classes) will culminate with a Grand Spring Recital in May which is held at a local auditorium.  Cheer Classes will end the year with our annual Cheer fest at the Kleiner Park Band Shell.


Performance Year Costs

*At Motions we strive to make the performance costs as affordable as possible for our dance families!  For instance, we rent the costumes out instead of purchasing them for 3-4 times as much as the rental fee.  We also don’t charge admittance at our Grand Spring Recital or Cheer Fest. 🙂  We want all children to be able to dance and perform no matter what their financial circumstances are.  So, we make a conscious effort to make all costs associated with the performances as low as possible!

At the beginning of the dance year a Performance Fee and a Costume Rental Fee will be charged to each performing student. Both fees are a one time, yearly fee and are non-refundable.  On the General Performance Information page is a description of what each fee is used for.  There are some exceptions to the fees and they are highlighted at the bottom of that page.  The fees will be applied to each dancers account through the Parent Portal and are due by each dancers Halloween performance.


*This page and the information is subject to change without notice.